Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Faux Mosaic Frames made with recycled cds

You know how over time you accumulate a stack of unusable cds/ dvds that are just lying around gathering dust? I had a stack of such cds in one of my closets that I was hoping to put to good use one day. I always thought I would probably make a few crochet coasters with them when I had the time. Recently when I was surfing the net, I came across an article that mentioned one of the methods of disposing off cds was to cut them up. 

Up until that moment I never thought of  cutting cds at all, but they cut real easy :)  Once I had a few pieces in my hand, I was thinking up all the ways I would be able to use these pieces. Since I had a couple of unfinished wood frames my first project with these cds was to use them up to give the frames a "faux mosaic look".  I made a couple of frames and used up about 4 to 5 cds totally for the project. Here is a picture of one of the frames........................

Faux Mosaic Frame with recycled cds photo 871ed448-6509-482c-89a7-d72a3ddf6736_zps82910f32.jpg

Things you will need...........
An unfinished frame
2 to 3 old cds that you want to discard
Scissors to cut the cds into small pieces
glue gun / Or any other glue to stick the cd pieces to the frame
Acrylic paint in color of choice

Cut the cds into small pieces in whatever shape you prefer, either small squares or small triangles. I needed about a couple of cds per frame. I noticed that sometimes if the pieces were cut too small, the lower side and the upper side of the cds kind of separated, so I kept the size of the pieces reasonably small not too small.

Place on the frame to make sure you have enough pieces

Paint the frame in color of choice. I painted it white to go with the decor in a room I wanted to use this frame in....I also thought since the cds seemed to have a slightly purple hue the white would provide a good contrast.

Once the paint is dry stick the pieces of the cd on the frame one by one.

Let dry , stick a picture in the frame and enjoy :)


  1. Wow dear....this is soooo cute.....ennakku.....:-)

  2. Beautiful creations.First time your blog am following. glad if u will follow me back.

    1. Thanks Beena!! Just peeked into your space, very nice. Am following you too:)

  3. These are very pretty :-)
    I received Leibster Award from a fellow blogger and with great pleasure I’m passing it on you. Pls visit

    1. Thanks for thinking of me Sangheetha :)


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