Monday, June 17, 2013

Green Acrylic bead earrings

Recently, one of my friends had requested me to make a batch of earrings for her, since she was traveling and wanted something to go with a few of her tops that she planned to use during her trip. I made mostly simple designs that were light and that I thought would be perfect for casual wear.

 photo eb11b9bc-c63a-41bf-9dee-fcd66f795c6e_zpsc411b810.jpg

This is one the designs I made for her. These earrings have one large, surprisingly light acrylic bead each, with a bead cap and an elegant spacer to complete the design. I got these beads at my local craft store as part of a larger set of mixed acrylic beads of different colors.  I loved the light vein design on this bead and I wanted a simple design so that the prettiness of the bead could be showcased :)
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