Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Beaded Mirror with tutorial

Okay I know some of you may be wondering if this space is now going to be exclusively devoted to diy mirrors. No it isn't , it's just that I have finally gotten around to making some of the mirrors that I had been planning for a while now and coincidentally it seems that I ended up making almost all the mirrors around the same time. I promise to go back to more jewelry from my next post, in the meanwhile take a look at a new mirror that adds a touch of bling to one of our walls now.

 photo 2a6e87c1-109b-44c2-811f-3ce2c25476b3_zps1751e055.jpg

This mirror is made with beads, and rhinestones.It was a very simple and quick project and once I had assembled all the materials I needed for it, didn't take very long to complete. The completed mirrors are not very large, they are ideal for a very small bare wall that needs a little something to dress it up. I made a couple of these and also one slightly larger mirror that I made entirely with beads. Check the picture of the other mirror at the bottom of this post and do let me know what you think about both the mirrors........

  photo 0df6c523-b70e-413d-bc4d-ee3276ae5dfc_zps593c3b5f.jpg

Things you will need.....
5 inch round mirror
6 1/2 inch round plywood
1 string of beads of color of choice (I used a string of 4X6mm chocolate brown beads)
7 mm rhinestones of color of choice (I used light blue)
12 mm rhinestones color of choice(I used clear rhinestones)
Nylon thread to string the beads ( I use .25 mm fishing line that I got from the sports store that I use for beading sometimes)
Acrylic color of choice ( I used Martha Stewart's multi surface metallic rose copper paint that I had leftover from an earlier project)
Some thick or strong string (  like jute string) a few inches long to create a loop at the back to hang the mirror

Glue gun/ or other glue to stick beads and rhinestones
a pencil 

Method :
Paint the plywood with the color of your choice. After it dries place the mirror in the center and mark a circle around it. This is not necessary, but I do this so that once I have hot glue on the back of the mirror I know the position for it, otherwise it might get stuck in a slightly odd position. Apply hot glue/ glue to the back of the mirror and stick it to the wooden circle.

String the beads together and place around the mirror to make sure you have the desired length. Loop the ends of the thread through the beads that are joining a couple of times to make sure it holds. Apply glue to the wood and stick the beads to the wood. Allow to dry.

Stick a row of 7 mm rhinestones. Then stick a row of  12 mm rhinestones. When dry form a loop with the thick string and attach it to the back of the wood with some glue. When dry hang wherever you want and enjoy :)

I used the same idea to create another mirror, this one does not have any rhinestones, only beads. Instead of one string of beads followed by rhinestones, in this mirror I just used 3 strings of beads. I have painted the wood a metallic golden color, and I left a small bit of wood showing because I did not want too many beads around the mirror, thought it would look too busy. I have hung this mirror in a room that has some green and brown tones so this kind of pulls both these colors together.

 Beaded Mirror-BC-2 photo 83ec6725-0c3e-4460-8e3b-55859e0f9d4c_zpsfe89d082.jpg

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Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY Sunburst Mirror with step by step tutorial

Ever since I attempted making this chrysanthemum mirror    I have been itching to try making more mirrors for our home. I came across an idea on pinterest that used the rolls from bath tissue as a flower mirror. Since I already had a flower mirror I thought of trying a sunburst mirror with the same concept. I have been saving all my kitchen tissue rolls for another project for a while now. I also had some jute rope left over from a previous project and a round cardboard that was part of some packaging that I had saved hoping to use it in some craft. Since I had all the items on hand, this project was very quick and easy. In my estimation it did not take more than a couple of hours to put together and this is how it looks..............

DIY Sunburst mirror

Things you will need...

an 8 inch round mirror
9 1/2 inch cardboard circle
kitchen tissue roll as needed cut into 1/2 inch "petals"
Jute rope as needed (I used 1/4 " thickness rope)
glue gun
spray paint in your color of choice

First cut the kitchen tissue rolls into equal sized "petals".

Then place everything together to check out if you have everything that you need and to check arrangement and see if you need to cut some more rolls.

Next draw a circle around the circumference of the mirror to mark its place with a light pencil. Place rope around the drawn circle and cut. Glue the rope to the cardboard

Once the rope is glued all the way to form a "frame" for the mirror. Start sticking the petals to the cardboard.

Stick the second row of petals to the first row. I used a little glue on the sides to in the second row so that the petals retain their shape.

Glue a little bit or rope or a lighter jute thread at the back of the cardboard to help in hanging the piece

When done, spray paint the entire frame + petals in desired color. Finally stick the mirror in the center. Allow to dry.

 Sunburst Mirror DIY

Hang and enjoy :)

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