Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Crystal Necklace Set

After a lull when I hardly did any beading/ jewelry, finally this past week I got a chance to make something again. This time I made a simple crystal necklace set. I have been wanting to try this idea for a while now and I specifically purchased beads with this project in mind.

Green Crystal Necklace set

Its a very simple design really, just beads from a smaller size to a larger size, with some spacers in between. I followed the same theme for the earrings too, with one bead of each size with the largest bead at the bottom. I loved how it turned out, I am not sure the picture does this necklace justice, will try to get a better picture in the future :)
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Multicolored Beaded Hoop Earrings

Been a while since I posted anything in this space. Not because I haven't been making anything, but because I haven't really gotten a chance to take pictures of my recent work. My bad, I know :) I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping I get more time to take pictures and post in this space in the future. :)

Multi colored beaded hoop earrings

In the meanwhile here is a multi colored beaded hoop earrings that I made on an impulse recently. I thought it would be a cool way to combine a few colors and make the earrings a little more versatile so that it can work with one colored dress:) I've used fuschia, orange red, deep red and green beads and I loved how the colors all came together in this earring :)

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Metallic Chandelier Earrings

Even though I have been making quite a few pieces of jewelry recently, it's been really long since I made any chandelier earrings . The last one I remember making was this one I posted quite a while back. I was surprised when I realized that its been so long, mainly because chandelier earrings are my favorite kind of earrings. They are such fun accessories and I love the fact that these earrings add a nice touch to just about any kind of dress.

 Chandelier earrings with metallic beads

Once I decided to make some chandelier earrings, I tried to figure out which bead would be most versatile and work with a variety of dresses. A quick search of my bead box revealed some smallish metallic beads leftover from another project that seemed to have a little of  the most basic colors.  Deciding to use these beads, I started out to make these chandelier earrings. I have to admit, these earrings are my new favorite:)
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teardrop pearl and jade bead necklace

Recently I purchased jade beads in a few colors that I wanted to use in necklaces. I bought some dark green jade beads and these purple jade beads. Dark green jade I used in this vintage/ ethnic kind of necklace with a pendant and gold beads. For the purple beads, I decided to combine it with some pink tear drop shaped pearl beads that have been sitting in my bead box for a while now.

 photo a838a1a6-cddb-4108-8af4-7ec96a429702_zps744ee201.jpg

I kept the design simple, did not use any pendants for this necklace. This design is quite unlike anything else I have done in the past.  It is so simple and elegant and has a very delicate feel to it that adds a touch of dressiness without seeming very overwhelming. This necklace has easily become one of my favorites :)
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Red crystal necklace

Red is such a versatile color isn't it ? It just seems like everyone has at least one dress with red as a dominant color in it. In the same manner it seems to me that red crystal beads, or really just about any red beads always look beautiful. They match with a variety of beads and are great to use on their own or in combination with other colors.

 photo bd89c52e-a5e5-4c95-8ce4-6717de62391b_zps40054476.jpg

This time I used red crystal in a very different kind of necklace when compared to the ones I have made in the past. This one has smaller beads on the top and larger beads hanging between the smaller beads. I have also used small copper and gold colored beads to add some slightly different shades to the necklace.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fuschia and Purple Earrings and Bracelet set

Usually fuschia (or bright rose pink ? ) is not a color I use very often, but from time to time I find some beads that I cannot wait to use. These fuschia beads that I used in this bracelet and earring set have always been one of my favorites. They are such a cute and lovely color. Since I had some leftover from the previous project, I decided to use them up. This time in combination with some purple crystal beads that I got recently.

Fuschia and Purple bracelet set photo 3fb38390-23a1-43e5-9e3d-d327392abf81_zps7f3967cf.jpg

I thought this combination worked really well. I made a very simple combination with some small dainty daisy spacers between beads. The bracelet is a stretch kind bracelet so there is no need to fiddle with a clasp, it can be just slipped on :)
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Green jade and golden crystal necklace and bracelet watch set

My mother in law has this beautiful dark bottle green sari that she wears often and I wanted to make a necklace to match the sari. After a little bit of search, I finally found some nice dark jade beads that I thought would look good  in a necklace. Since the sari which was kind of like an inspiration piece, had the shades of gold and green, I went with the same colors for the necklace.

 photo 6e370640-0433-4b4d-824a-84c9a5b9564d_zpsfeff24a8.jpg

The necklace is a very simple and elegant design, and once it was ready I decided to make a matching bracelet watch to go with it. Since my mother in law did not want anything with hooks etc, and wanted to just be able to slip on the watch I used a nice elastic stretch cord to make the bracelet and it worked out so well. Makes it real easy to slip it on and off :)
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Teardrop necklace

Its been a while since I posted anything in this space. Sometimes I feel like taking pictures to post in this space takes more effort than actually creating the bead jewelry. In any case I hope to take much more pictures of my creations in the future and am hoping to post here more often.

In the meanwhile here is a picture of a new teardrop necklace that I recently made......

Teardrop bead necklace photo 09d00fe8-0361-41fd-a0ba-6b3d48cdd01a_zpsc9122e5b.jpg

Tear drop bead are such elegant kind of beads aren't they? I use a lot of teardrops in my earrings, but this is the first time that I have used tear drop beads in a necklace. I used a couple of different shades of round beads and teardrop beads to match on color of round beads. This necklace is definitely a little dressy, would be perfect for special occasions.
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Green Acrylic bead earrings

Recently, one of my friends had requested me to make a batch of earrings for her, since she was traveling and wanted something to go with a few of her tops that she planned to use during her trip. I made mostly simple designs that were light and that I thought would be perfect for casual wear.

 photo eb11b9bc-c63a-41bf-9dee-fcd66f795c6e_zpsc411b810.jpg

This is one the designs I made for her. These earrings have one large, surprisingly light acrylic bead each, with a bead cap and an elegant spacer to complete the design. I got these beads at my local craft store as part of a larger set of mixed acrylic beads of different colors.  I loved the light vein design on this bead and I wanted a simple design so that the prettiness of the bead could be showcased :)
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Fuchsia and purple wood bead earrings

It has been the longest time I feel since I posted any jewelry in this space. Not that I have not made any, but I haven't gotten around to take pictures of any of my recent work and as a result I could not post anything in this space for a fairly long time.

On a recent trip I purchased a top that has fast become one of  my favorite tops. I have been wanting to make a pair of earrings to go with it but kept putting it off. Finally a couple of weeks back I managed to dig around my bead box to see if any of the beads match the top. Sure enough I found these fuchsia and purple wood beads that matched the embroidery on the top. I combined the wood beads with some spacers, and kept the design very simple. This is how it turned out.............................

 photo d8092e78-2e6a-4907-8ce1-c0fae45d592a_zpsaf9b0a53.jpg

And yes, I have displayed the earrings on the embroidery portion of my top. I was really lucky I guess that I ended up having the exact same color beads to match the dress. It made it really easy for me to come up with the design for the earrings :)  That's it for today but I will be back shortly with a lot more earrings and other fun stuff. Until then hope you all have a good week and a good weekend :)

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Oooops, if any of you entered in to check out this post a little while ago and wondered why I had not written any introduction to the post, I'm sorry, my bad !! The only thing I can think of is that I haven't had my cuppa tea yet and I guess it made me distracted, so I hit the post button before completing the post :-(

Anyway on to the post, I love sunburst mirrors but every time I see one in the stores or consider buying one, I keep thinking I can make something like this easily and will probably feel far more satisfied when I am done with it and hang it up on the wall than the store bought thing. Recently when I was in the craft store and came across some charger plates on sale, it struck me that these would probably serve well in creating a sunburst mirror and it did :) This was an incredibly quick project, the only things that slowed me down was the drying time for the skewers, mainly because we have had lot of rains recently and the high humidity caused slower drying times. Other than that, this was truly easy peasy and quick, perfect weekend project:)

 photo b272b4b8-cade-4055-8c44-707741405ecc_zpsaa28392b.jpg

And here is the second mirror I made on similar lines, only made it a bit more decorative than the first one...

BC- DIY Sunburst mirror photo df25f1df-cf72-474b-9bdc-c177039e6db0_zps28adfc5c.jpg

Things you will need to make this mirror.....

A charger plate
a round mirror that will fit in the center of the charger plate ( I used a 7.5 inch mirror )
1 small plywood circle ( I used a plywood circle of 6.5 inches)
1 pack of bamboo skewers (or dowels, chopsticks or straws)
0 .5 inch small round mirrors as needed
1 inch round mirrors as needed
flat back pearl beads as needed to stick around the mirror
paint in the color of choice, I used rustoleum paint in kona brown glossy because that color matched my charger plate.
something that can be attached to the back of the plywood circle to hang the mirror (I used a thick cord)
glue gun/ any kind of glue that will work with plastic/wood.

Attach the mirror to the charger. I used a 7.5 inch mirror, and the depth in my charger plate was 8.5 inches. I wanted that little extra space so that I could glue on some flat back pearl beads around the mirror. If you do not plan to do any decoration around the mirror, you can use the exact size that would fit right in the center of the charger plate.  For the second one, I attached some rhinestones and small mirrors all around the charger plate to make it more decorative.

Mark the placement positions of bamboo skewers on the plywood circle and either glue it and then spray paint the skewers or spray paint the skewers then glue to the plywood circle. For the first mirror I spray painted the skewers first, but found it gets a little tricky in that the skewers move a lot while spraying so it is a bit more difficult to get even color. For the second one, I glued the skewers to the plywood circle first then sprayed the whole thing.

Make a loop and attach the cord to the back of the plywood circle. Then attach the charger with mirror on top of the plywood + skewer arrangement. For this , I applied hot glue to the back of the charger plate and placed it on the plywood + skewers and pressed gently until it stuck to each other. Finally glue the small and large mirrors in a random placement on the skewers.

Allow it to dry. Enjoy your handiwork :)
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Faux Mosaic Frames made with recycled cds

You know how over time you accumulate a stack of unusable cds/ dvds that are just lying around gathering dust? I had a stack of such cds in one of my closets that I was hoping to put to good use one day. I always thought I would probably make a few crochet coasters with them when I had the time. Recently when I was surfing the net, I came across an article that mentioned one of the methods of disposing off cds was to cut them up. 

Up until that moment I never thought of  cutting cds at all, but they cut real easy :)  Once I had a few pieces in my hand, I was thinking up all the ways I would be able to use these pieces. Since I had a couple of unfinished wood frames my first project with these cds was to use them up to give the frames a "faux mosaic look".  I made a couple of frames and used up about 4 to 5 cds totally for the project. Here is a picture of one of the frames........................

Faux Mosaic Frame with recycled cds photo 871ed448-6509-482c-89a7-d72a3ddf6736_zps82910f32.jpg

Things you will need...........
An unfinished frame
2 to 3 old cds that you want to discard
Scissors to cut the cds into small pieces
glue gun / Or any other glue to stick the cd pieces to the frame
Acrylic paint in color of choice

Cut the cds into small pieces in whatever shape you prefer, either small squares or small triangles. I needed about a couple of cds per frame. I noticed that sometimes if the pieces were cut too small, the lower side and the upper side of the cds kind of separated, so I kept the size of the pieces reasonably small not too small.

Place on the frame to make sure you have enough pieces

Paint the frame in color of choice. I painted it white to go with the decor in a room I wanted to use this frame in....I also thought since the cds seemed to have a slightly purple hue the white would provide a good contrast.

Once the paint is dry stick the pieces of the cd on the frame one by one.

Let dry , stick a picture in the frame and enjoy :)
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Orange Mother of Pearl square bead earrings

Been a long while since I posted any earrings in this space. Mostly because I haven't been making very many pieces of jewelry these days. All my free time seems consumed by some or the other home decor projects. Until I get to my next jewelry project I will try and share some of the pictures of a few earrings I made a little while back. Here is one of them.....

Orange mother of pearl earrings photo 119ffc53-2711-410a-a8d3-b5dc885c28a1_zps86954773.jpg

These simple earrings are made with square mother of pearl beads that I purchased recently on a trip. They are casual earrings and would be ideal to dress up a simple top or a t shirt :)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Beaded Mirror with tutorial

Okay I know some of you may be wondering if this space is now going to be exclusively devoted to diy mirrors. No it isn't , it's just that I have finally gotten around to making some of the mirrors that I had been planning for a while now and coincidentally it seems that I ended up making almost all the mirrors around the same time. I promise to go back to more jewelry from my next post, in the meanwhile take a look at a new mirror that adds a touch of bling to one of our walls now.

 photo 2a6e87c1-109b-44c2-811f-3ce2c25476b3_zps1751e055.jpg

This mirror is made with beads, and rhinestones.It was a very simple and quick project and once I had assembled all the materials I needed for it, didn't take very long to complete. The completed mirrors are not very large, they are ideal for a very small bare wall that needs a little something to dress it up. I made a couple of these and also one slightly larger mirror that I made entirely with beads. Check the picture of the other mirror at the bottom of this post and do let me know what you think about both the mirrors........

  photo 0df6c523-b70e-413d-bc4d-ee3276ae5dfc_zps593c3b5f.jpg

Things you will need.....
5 inch round mirror
6 1/2 inch round plywood
1 string of beads of color of choice (I used a string of 4X6mm chocolate brown beads)
7 mm rhinestones of color of choice (I used light blue)
12 mm rhinestones color of choice(I used clear rhinestones)
Nylon thread to string the beads ( I use .25 mm fishing line that I got from the sports store that I use for beading sometimes)
Acrylic color of choice ( I used Martha Stewart's multi surface metallic rose copper paint that I had leftover from an earlier project)
Some thick or strong string (  like jute string) a few inches long to create a loop at the back to hang the mirror

Glue gun/ or other glue to stick beads and rhinestones
a pencil 

Method :
Paint the plywood with the color of your choice. After it dries place the mirror in the center and mark a circle around it. This is not necessary, but I do this so that once I have hot glue on the back of the mirror I know the position for it, otherwise it might get stuck in a slightly odd position. Apply hot glue/ glue to the back of the mirror and stick it to the wooden circle.

String the beads together and place around the mirror to make sure you have the desired length. Loop the ends of the thread through the beads that are joining a couple of times to make sure it holds. Apply glue to the wood and stick the beads to the wood. Allow to dry.

Stick a row of 7 mm rhinestones. Then stick a row of  12 mm rhinestones. When dry form a loop with the thick string and attach it to the back of the wood with some glue. When dry hang wherever you want and enjoy :)

I used the same idea to create another mirror, this one does not have any rhinestones, only beads. Instead of one string of beads followed by rhinestones, in this mirror I just used 3 strings of beads. I have painted the wood a metallic golden color, and I left a small bit of wood showing because I did not want too many beads around the mirror, thought it would look too busy. I have hung this mirror in a room that has some green and brown tones so this kind of pulls both these colors together.

 Beaded Mirror-BC-2 photo 83ec6725-0c3e-4460-8e3b-55859e0f9d4c_zpsfe89d082.jpg

This DIY Mirror is off to the following events...
The Winthrop chronicles link it party
We did it Wednesday

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Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY Sunburst Mirror with step by step tutorial

Ever since I attempted making this chrysanthemum mirror    I have been itching to try making more mirrors for our home. I came across an idea on pinterest that used the rolls from bath tissue as a flower mirror. Since I already had a flower mirror I thought of trying a sunburst mirror with the same concept. I have been saving all my kitchen tissue rolls for another project for a while now. I also had some jute rope left over from a previous project and a round cardboard that was part of some packaging that I had saved hoping to use it in some craft. Since I had all the items on hand, this project was very quick and easy. In my estimation it did not take more than a couple of hours to put together and this is how it looks..............

DIY Sunburst mirror

Things you will need...

an 8 inch round mirror
9 1/2 inch cardboard circle
kitchen tissue roll as needed cut into 1/2 inch "petals"
Jute rope as needed (I used 1/4 " thickness rope)
glue gun
spray paint in your color of choice

First cut the kitchen tissue rolls into equal sized "petals".

Then place everything together to check out if you have everything that you need and to check arrangement and see if you need to cut some more rolls.

Next draw a circle around the circumference of the mirror to mark its place with a light pencil. Place rope around the drawn circle and cut. Glue the rope to the cardboard

Once the rope is glued all the way to form a "frame" for the mirror. Start sticking the petals to the cardboard.

Stick the second row of petals to the first row. I used a little glue on the sides to in the second row so that the petals retain their shape.

Glue a little bit or rope or a lighter jute thread at the back of the cardboard to help in hanging the piece

When done, spray paint the entire frame + petals in desired color. Finally stick the mirror in the center. Allow to dry.

 Sunburst Mirror DIY

Hang and enjoy :)

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Wood bead Earrings

Recently I purchased some wood beads for the first time and was very keen to try them in earrings and necklaces, but first in earrings. Since the beads were red, I decided to pair them with silver spacers for a good contrast and made it in a very simple pattern. This is how it turned out..... :)

 Wood Beads Earring
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Metallic rondelle earrings

In the past I have used a metallic beads a few times in combination with other spacers or beads in earrings. This is the first time I used all metallic rondelle crystal beads in earrings, I just used different colors and sizes and used some daisy spacers in between to add a little more interest. These earrings aren't very long, they turned out to be quite small small and dainty :)

Metallic rondelle earrings
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Peach silver earrings

Made a few earrings recently and will share their pictures here soon. Here is the first one, made this one for a friend. It's a simple design with silver spacers and a peach colored acrylic bead.  I thought the spacer made a big difference, it really added a nice touch to this earring. It's a very light and delicate earring, making it a perfect accessory for any simple top or tshirt:)

Peachsilverearrings resized

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Purple teardrop crystal earrings

I had a few tear drop crystal beads leftover from an earlier project. Decided to make a pair of earrings with it. Just placed one tear drop above the other and used daisy spacers between each tear drop to add some contrast. This is how it turned out.....

Purpleteardropearrings resized
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Greetings

Wishing all my readers a very Happy, Healthy, Joyous and Sparkly New Year 2013.

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