Monday, January 14, 2013

Peach silver earrings

Made a few earrings recently and will share their pictures here soon. Here is the first one, made this one for a friend. It's a simple design with silver spacers and a peach colored acrylic bead.  I thought the spacer made a big difference, it really added a nice touch to this earring. It's a very light and delicate earring, making it a perfect accessory for any simple top or tshirt:)

Peachsilverearrings resized


  1. Hi Usha, Thanks for visiting me and your lovely comment. I loved your earrings collection. Can you tell me where to look for earring supplies especially the ear hooks? I want to make some crochet earrings. Your colour choice and combinations are very good!

    1. Thanks for visiting my site, glad you liked the earrings. Stores like Michaels in the US keep ear hooks and I get mine from there most times. I have seen crochet earrings and they look really pretty. Looking forward to seeing your crochet earrings soon :)


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