Monday, August 26, 2013

Red crystal necklace

Red is such a versatile color isn't it ? It just seems like everyone has at least one dress with red as a dominant color in it. In the same manner it seems to me that red crystal beads, or really just about any red beads always look beautiful. They match with a variety of beads and are great to use on their own or in combination with other colors.

 photo bd89c52e-a5e5-4c95-8ce4-6717de62391b_zps40054476.jpg

This time I used red crystal in a very different kind of necklace when compared to the ones I have made in the past. This one has smaller beads on the top and larger beads hanging between the smaller beads. I have also used small copper and gold colored beads to add some slightly different shades to the necklace.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fuschia and Purple Earrings and Bracelet set

Usually fuschia (or bright rose pink ? ) is not a color I use very often, but from time to time I find some beads that I cannot wait to use. These fuschia beads that I used in this bracelet and earring set have always been one of my favorites. They are such a cute and lovely color. Since I had some leftover from the previous project, I decided to use them up. This time in combination with some purple crystal beads that I got recently.

Fuschia and Purple bracelet set photo 3fb38390-23a1-43e5-9e3d-d327392abf81_zps7f3967cf.jpg

I thought this combination worked really well. I made a very simple combination with some small dainty daisy spacers between beads. The bracelet is a stretch kind bracelet so there is no need to fiddle with a clasp, it can be just slipped on :)
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Green jade and golden crystal necklace and bracelet watch set

My mother in law has this beautiful dark bottle green sari that she wears often and I wanted to make a necklace to match the sari. After a little bit of search, I finally found some nice dark jade beads that I thought would look good  in a necklace. Since the sari which was kind of like an inspiration piece, had the shades of gold and green, I went with the same colors for the necklace.

 photo 6e370640-0433-4b4d-824a-84c9a5b9564d_zpsfeff24a8.jpg

The necklace is a very simple and elegant design, and once it was ready I decided to make a matching bracelet watch to go with it. Since my mother in law did not want anything with hooks etc, and wanted to just be able to slip on the watch I used a nice elastic stretch cord to make the bracelet and it worked out so well. Makes it real easy to slip it on and off :)
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