Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Metallic Chandelier Earrings

Even though I have been making quite a few pieces of jewelry recently, it's been really long since I made any chandelier earrings . The last one I remember making was this one I posted quite a while back. I was surprised when I realized that its been so long, mainly because chandelier earrings are my favorite kind of earrings. They are such fun accessories and I love the fact that these earrings add a nice touch to just about any kind of dress.

 Chandelier earrings with metallic beads

Once I decided to make some chandelier earrings, I tried to figure out which bead would be most versatile and work with a variety of dresses. A quick search of my bead box revealed some smallish metallic beads leftover from another project that seemed to have a little of  the most basic colors.  Deciding to use these beads, I started out to make these chandelier earrings. I have to admit, these earrings are my new favorite:)

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