Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pink Morganite Wire Wrapped Bead Earring

This earring is the first time I used pink Morganite oval beads. It's also the first time I tried my hand at decorative wire wrapping. Loved the effect of silver wire around the beads. Finished off these earrings with a tiny pink crystal hanging just below the oval beads.

This creation of mine is off to Destination Craft Cutesy Monday event being hosted by Kathryn


  1. Can you please share the method of how you did this? The wrapping around the beed is so pretty. Love your creations. Can you also specify where you buy the beeds and the material for the ear rings?

    1. Thanks !! I did not take any pictures of the process when I made these earrings, the next time I make something similar will try and get some pictures. I buy the beads and material most often at my local hobby store and sometimes and bead exhibitions :)

  2. wow this is lovely.Love the color of the beads.


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