Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gold Clay ~ Terracotta Necklace

A while back, I made a clay necklace set  in a combination of a dull antique gold and maroon. I don't think I ever posted the pictures of that set in this space. Anyway I particularly loved that piece and even as I completed it, I thought I would love to try something with a brighter gold finish with both maroon and green in it.

Golden Terracotta Necklace | Bead Creationz

The combination of gold with maroon and green is such a classic one and I have seen so many dresses and sarees with this color combination. A couple of months back I finally got around to trying this color combination for this clay necklace. I kept the gold color more prominent , with just a little bit of the other two colors and went with an oval pendant for this necklace. It was a fun project, I hope to be able to make something similar with other color combinations soon :)

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