Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Golden Square crystal and wood beads necklace set

 I've had these wood beads sitting in my bead box for quite a while and though I have used them in earrings and love how light and elegant they look, have never used them in necklace before now. The other day when I was planning a necklace with some square golden beads, I realized that the wood beads would look good along with them. So I made this very light necklace set with this combination.

Square crystal and wood beads necklace set

I have also added some tiny golden rondelle beads beside the square beads. The design is very simple and the necklace is very light and comfortable. It looks good with any kind of casual top or salwar kameez set.


  1. I love how beautifully these colors compliment each other.. Gorgeous neckpiece, Usha. Well done!


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