Thursday, April 10, 2014

Multicolored Black Crystal Necklace Set

As I mentioned in my last post, recently I got a chance to make quite a few pieces of jewelry. This is one of the necklaces I made. This one is made with a multi colored black crystal, in the sense the crystal is not just black, it has different hues of pink and brown and other colors in it.

 Black Crystal Necklace set

I am not sure the pictures shows the color of the crystal precisely but I really like these beads a lot. They are so pretty and these are the kind of beads that work with any color combination, so they are very versatile as well. In this necklace I used silver spacers to contrast with the black, but kept the design simple because the beads are so pretty as is, they do not need too much spacers and stuff to enhance them. This necklace is a nice way to dress up any casual top, tunic, salwar or even a saree. :)


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